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PostSubject: Rules   Mon Nov 18, 2013 6:28 am

I know what your thinking: "Ah man there's rules?? I thought RP was being creative" Well your right. Trust me I don't want to stunt your creativity ask any of my staff members I'm all for you being as creative as possible but in order to keep it fair so you don't mess up other peoples creativity we need to have some rules.

1). Because of events in the past please do not bring your personal life problems here. this is a place to escape not drag others in.

2) DO NOT GOD MOD. This means do not RP for other people. For instance. (I swing my sword you try to dodge and I hit). this is a God Mod in the simplest form. God Mod is punishable by being banned. You will be warned however but continuous use and you will be banned.

3) Try to limit the one line posts. Only do it if a situation absolutely requires it. If the staff sees unfit one line posts they may delete them and we will record it. Continuous usage will be punished. To avoid this we would like for you to have a 50 word post limit. This may grow over time to expand stories and RP quality.

4) Please Please PLEASE. RESPECT MY STAFF. This lovely group of people have worked there butts off just as much as I have if not more than I have to maintain this site and they do not need the extra stress of being bugged and disrespected by you. If I see it or even hear about it I will personally be delivering your punishment.

5) Do not ask for staff please. I pick my staff members based on how well you interact with people. if you ask for staff that means you are selfish in a way and selfish people don't make good leaders.

6) Have Fun Smile. This site was made for your enjoyment. Now please enter the world of RP and remember. We welcome everyone to this site. Tell your friends, family, dog, dogs friends, the hobo down the street. Tell everyone how we are and how we run our site.

7) Everyone will have one character for sure but what happens if you can't decide between 2 races? Well since we don't offer the hybrid race we are allowing you to make up to 2 characters. There are some rules about it though. You must keep both your characters active. You also may not  Rp with yourself. If you wish to RP with both your characters in one topic you must have at least one other person in that topic with you.  We recommend you don't make 2 right away to see if you can keep one active. If you want a new character you must kill off one of your other characters.

Cool For those that are new to RP this is a rule for you. When you first start out YOU KNOW NOBODY AND NOTHING. The only things you know are everything that was in your character sheet. As you progress through this site you will meet the other people and interact with them.

9) Killing people here doesn't happen very often. the only ways you may kill someone is if they want to die and a staff member approves. When this is done you may however kill them anyway you would like but again you must let them die on there own. you can't god mod them to death.

*Rules maybe added or taken away as I see fit*
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